IMAX: Solarmax (HDTV)

Solarmax – 40-минутный HDTV фильм, который рассказывает о познании человеком Солнца. Фильм покажет, какие исследования проводила ранее и проводит сейчас наука o Солнцe.
A breathtaking exploration into the awesome vastness and mysterious power of our closest star. Take a unique journey through time and space and experience the sun’s severe force and beauty. Real images captured by NASA’s SOHO satellite provide …    Full Descriptionspectacular footage of the sun as never before seen.

This mind-boggling presentation, originally presented in IMAX theaters, goes to great lengths to explore to far-reaching power and significance of our closest star. From ancient Earth to orbiting spacecraft, explore what the power of the sun means to humankind—with some of the most incredible cinematography you’ll ever witness.

Название: Solarmax — IMAX
Жанр: документальный фильм
Длительность: 00:38:35
Язык: англ.

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