Chilled Yoga Class | 48 Hour Lockdown Flow and Stretch

This is the second video in our morning yoga program available at Yoga for BJJ!
These are short, informal yoga classes (15-20 minutes) and are designed to help you wake up and stretch when it is too early to get a serious workout in. Enjoy this super chilled yoga flow and follow Sebastian’s instructions. Take deep breaths as you stretch deep and work your mobility in the morning!

There are no standing poses, no hardcore flows, just the simple old morning stretching to loosen up your stiff body. Hope you like them!

P.S. They’re not just for the morning, you can do them whenever you find the time during the day and you’re feeling tired/stiff.

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Lockdown special:

If you are interested in a 30 day free trial we are offering the Quarantine deal which is 30 days free and then only $10 a month until the end of the lockdown period please follow the link underneath for that.

Yoga for BJJ is designed to help people improve themselves on and off the mats. Using yoga specific stretches and flows that are relevant to jiu jitsu to help you increase your flexibility, rate of motion, balance and injury prevention.
Whether you are grappling once or twice a week or a full time athlete we like to make sure we have videos for everyone so if you need the complete startup program or our «yoga for rocks» program or even our yoga for 40+ series we have it waiting for you.

We offer a library of videos organized into programs. They include tutorials and they cover all of those areas that grapplers need to work on the most. Stiffness in the lower back, hips, hamstring, shoulders, neck, legs… can all be a thing of the past.

We don’t offer magical results, but feedback from 1000+ members and our experience makes us confident that you can extend your career on the mats with consistent yoga practice.

Try one of the free classes on our channel then head over to and sign up to unlock video programs specific to your needs and start improving yourself today.

New videos every week for grapplers that want to optimize the body for BJJ and life!
— Train smart — Fight Forever

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