Andrey Lappa — Introduction to Universal Yoga

We’re pleased to offer this compilation DVD as an introduction to Andrey Lappa and his wealth of teachings. Andrey has created a 2-hour asana sequence specifically for this project, and after practicing with him you’ll understand why the Universal Yoga system is one of the most comprehensive and balanced approaches to yoga ever conceived. In addition to the special asana practice, Andrey will guide you through pranayamas, rasas and meditation.

The other half of this unique DVD is a compilation of lecture highlights taken from Andrey’s 10-day Level 1 Teacher Training program. We’ve sifted through the many hours of great material to find some choice lecture topics that will expand your knowledge of better-known yogic topics, and hopefully open your eyes to some completely new ones. The entire lecture set is quite remarkable, and we’ve tried to give you a good taste of the experience in this sampling.

Highlights from the DVD include:

• Universal Yoga as an all-encompassing system of yoga practices
• The universal scheme of Asanas and Vinyasas
• The universal scheme of Pranayamas
• Use of Bandhas, Mudras and Drishtis to improve concentration and circulation of energy
• Methods of controlling and purifying Maya Koshas, or shells of human experience
• Yamas and Niyamas: universal codes of conduct and self-purification through discipline
• The activation and control of Kundalini energy; opening consciousness toward Moksha
• Development and purposeful, appropriate use of Siddhis, or spiritual abilities
• Power of the Spirit

Название: Andrey Lappa — Introduction to Universal Yoga
Год: 2005
Страна: США
Жанр: Йога
Продолжительность: 4 часа
Язык: Английский

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