Iron Vest Qigong/Цигун "Железной Рубашки"

Iron Vest Iron Vest Qigong is a high level internal strength and health exercise set centuries old. Iron Vest, also known as Iron Shirt or Iron Jacket has a variety of benefits both for martial artists and those who are interested in overall health of the body. Iron Vest was used to protect people from injury during combat. The purpose of Iron Vest for martial artists is to strengthen the chi or internal energy of the body. Iron Vest is designed to increase and strengthen the chi that circulates in and around the internal organs to strengthen and protect them. For those who are not involved in the martial arts but would like to receive the benefits of Iron vest, you should expect to see an increase in your muscular endurance when performong aerobics or weight training. An improved sense of balance and posture throughout the body as well as healing and prevention of lower back injuries. This exercise program is designed to be practiced daily in as little as 15 minutes. For those wishing to train the entire series and receive full benefit for use in full contact fighting, training is a minimum of 3 years with daily practice of 75 to 90 minutes. This video is not meant to replace instruction from a qualified instructor but is to be used as a supplement along with the book and your classroom instruction.

Видеозапись семинара, проведенного под эгидой журнала «Black Belt». Данный комплекс упражнений рекомендован как людям, серьезно практикующих единоборства или сталкивающихся с аналогичными нагрузками во время занятий контактными и экстремальными видами спорта (полный вариант, «Strength Set»), так и желающим улучшить общее состояние здоровья (сокращенный вариант со сниженными наргрузками, «Health Set»).


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