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Wellness Qigong Wu Qin Xi (Games of 5 Animals) / Оздоровительный цигун У Цинь Си(Игры 5-ти животных)

Qigong is an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine that involves coordinating breathing patterns with physical postures to maintain health and well-being. Wu Qin Xi: Five-Animal Qigong Exercises is an accessible, guide to a particular qigong exercise that imitates the movements of animals and birds.
Цель упражнений — оздоровление организма. Эта система

Iron Vest Qigong/Цигун "Железной Рубашки"

Iron Vest Iron Vest Qigong is a high level internal strength and health exercise set centuries old. Iron Vest, also known as Iron Shirt or Iron Jacket has a variety of benefits both for martial artists and those who are interested in overall health of the body. Iron Vest was used to protect people from injury during combat. The purpose of Iron Vest for martial artists

30 MIN YOGA FLOW — for Deep Stretching and Strength | Pamela Reif

Werbung // A wonderful Yoga Flow every time you want to calm down & need a deep stretch for your whole body. After a workout, in the morning or before bed!
It is suitable for intermediates but if you are a beginner: don’t worry. Always listen to your body and do whatever is possible for your level of flexibility.

You can do this routine any time of the day,

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