Dance of the Arms

Dance of the Arms

What’s the Function behind such an improvisation?

There is no real function. One can say it’s about expression (as often in dance) but for me the investigation starts somewhere else: not function to achieve but FUNCTIONALITY.
It’s a concept I learned from my friend Rasmus Ölme — ‘Functionality Without Function’. (In relation to dance and choreography but this concept is applicable in many other fields, more info can be found on YouTube)

The functionality sought after includes a few attributes:
* Body Unity: when moving — all parts should collaborate with specific organization that enhances efficiency, fluidity, energy transfer, etc
* The body should not be conceptualized and operated as a collection of pieces. Such a fractioned Modus Operandi is often the result of a variety of movement approaches talking about coordination and power and efficiency but when their end results observed, the talk is not backed up by a walk, especially when tested on an alternate testing field
* The mind should be as fully embedded into the body as possible and the ‘Mind Body’ system transformed into an Assemblage (Deleuze and Guattari) of MindMovementBody. There should be no clear separation between thinking, sensing, moving, balancing, kinetic transfer, decision making etc but a continuous cohesive flow of interactive information. That flow is not fixed in its direction and is not hierarchical in nature
* There are many other attributes that go into such an entity which I cover more in depth in my teachings and through the guided practice applied by my students

Then, such a simple improvisation task as this ‘dance of the arms’ can be understood, appreciated, developed and pursued as a way to craft the functionality of the body with these specific flavors. There is no one global functionality but endless variants and permutations and the one who is interested in ‘Movement’ should be pursuing many options if he/she are interested in truly speaking about such a wide concept as ‘Movement’ with any honesty.

So, as you can see, the ‘Dance of the Arms’ is not at all about the arms nor is it about dance…

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