Old Man’s Microbatics

Old Man’s Microbatics….
Little shenanigans from the past, strung together into a light play on the concrete.

Here are some guidelines for my Old Man’s Microbatics:
* Light momentum, light falling, rotating, inverting, etc nothing extremely fast or powerful or even approaching it
* Causality. No Kitsch, no cheesy mannerism. Don’t be a drama queen and if you truly are in command of your motion, you won’t even feel that need to ‘decorate’ with cheap ornaments
* Don’t try hard
* Feel better after, not worse, no tweaks and no injuries, on the contrary- it should be therapeutic
* What you can do with two twists and extra swirl, do 50% but softly
* Sound is the mark of inefficiency, minimize sound of flopping feet and heavy weight transfers
* Don’t attract attention, blend in with the surroundings. Some will always stop to watch but make sure most will continue on their day without more than two looks 🙂 that’s the right intensity!
* Appreciate and enjoy even the ‘easiest’ and most basic elements. Remind yourself of the joy in the simple cartwheel

I hope you enjoy your days as much as I enjoy mine. Moving outside, every day, all day.

I have enough
I am enough
I am all what I need

#movementculture #idoportal .


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