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Nude yoga class

Stretching and gymnastics
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What exactly is naked yoga?
Naked yoga is pretty much what you think it is. A naked yoga class essentially requires you to strip down in front of a room full of people — who do the same — and perform a myriad of asanas. It is considered a legit form of yoga workout that claims to boost your overall health and promote

‘Quick Wits’ Boxing Dialogue

Simple and quick boxing dialogue to finish the session in a light way and shake off tension.

This task is geared towards developing quick wits, not succumbing under pressure and organizing your body for the ability to always respond, move, punch & defend and all while manipulating the rhythm (time) and distance (space) for your advantage.

The rules are

The Diagonal Stretch

The Diagonal Stretch is one of the most ‘bang for one’s buck’ movement tools I’ve been developing, promoting and using for over two decades now with great success across many thousands of students.

* Modulating the whole anterior chain and spiral/diagonal line without promoting laxity and passivity
* Alleviates back pain (but when

Old Man’s Microbatics

Old Man’s Microbatics….
Little shenanigans from the past, strung together into a light play on the concrete.

Here are some guidelines for my Old Man’s Microbatics:
* Light momentum, light falling, rotating, inverting, etc nothing extremely fast or powerful or even approaching it
* Causality. No Kitsch, no cheesy mannerism. Don’t be a drama queen and

Dance of the Arms

Dance of the Arms

What’s the Function behind such an improvisation?

There is no real function. One can say it’s about expression (as often in dance) but for me the investigation starts somewhere else: not function to achieve but FUNCTIONALITY.
It’s a concept I learned from my friend Rasmus Ölme — ‘Functionality Without Function’. (In relation to dance

Yoga Flow Demo

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