‘Quick Wits’ Boxing Dialogue

Simple and quick boxing dialogue to finish the session in a light way and shake off tension.

This task is geared towards developing quick wits, not succumbing under pressure and organizing your body for the ability to always respond, move, punch & defend and all while manipulating the rhythm (time) and distance (space) for your advantage.

The rules are simple:
1. I go, you go. The order is given (dialogue) but not the rhythm that will develop (timing of response) and not the content of your attack and defense (What is being said)
2. The touches are super light but accurate, if you don’t move — you’ll get hit yet the speed of each executed action is maintained and just the timing and type of response manipulated
3. Stay close, do not remove yourself from the game. Winning is meaningless, what is important is to find the ‘lift off’ point where the two involved can benefit from the execution. It’s obvious there will always be one that is MORE comfortable than the other in any given pair and it’s actually the one who tend to get a bit less out of the drill — poetic justice that should be appreciated!

I’m pressurizing Odelia, just like I can be pressurized by someone else but not to hurt or dominate but to ‘pull her up’ and help her ‘install upgrades’. This is how I learned from my teacher @daskalojacob and that’s what makes sense to me as a way to practice.

Just one out of many examples where fighting, boxing, etc can serve as an amazing platform, unparalleled to develop your skills, movement, mind and body. We use tactical games DAILY in our own practice and in the practice we share with our students. To learn more and for those serious about their practice, join our educational online movement practice platform by emailing the office at info@idoportal.com

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